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Services                 Ciudad Juárez/El Paso/Las Cruces Market

MegaRadio has over 60 years of experience in radio and marketing. We are able to create any radio marketing campaign from writing copy, producing a radio commercial, designing a social media post/video, conducting a live activation at your business or even broadcasting live from your location. No client is the same and we pride ourselves on customizing each campaign to reach our clients expectations. 

We have access to over 50 of our own very talented DJ's to help create a unique voice for your business. Let us turn your ideas into professionally produced radio commercials. We can even translate your message from English to Spanish and vice versa. 

Our diversity of formats and ability to capture very different sectors of the population allows as to micro or macro target your brand. Keeping our audience informed is a great opportunity for any customer to get envolved. 

Bring your radio station to your business live and in real-time. No other traditional media can give you immediate access to thousands of potencial customers. We can conduct one-hour, two-hour and even three-hour events; based on your needs.

The party never stops in radio, let us bring the party to you. 

Each of our radio stations use social media to interact with our listeners. Invite the thousands of loyal followers to your business by placing a well designed social media post or short video commercial on the social media that targets your specific customer.

We can take the actual control room to your business and broadcast a program from your location. We have specialty programs that are designed to make your business shine. 

We are creative people and believe their are many paths to success. Please click the link below to review some projects we are proud of.